Returned Postcard


Unfortunately I only received one postcard back, but I still thought it was pretty cool! The instructions were to draw a zombie friend for Zombie Mailman Steve and I think the person I gave this to was pretty successful with that task. So even though I got one back, the one I got was pretty cool!

Digital Media Final

For my final, I wanted to create a sculptural piece based off of a video game. The game is a first person horror themed game where the line between fantasy and reality is blurred called “Outlast 2.” You play as the main character, Blake, where he and his pregnant wife are now stranded in a town where half the people are wrong-minded Christians who want to kill her and the baby because they believe it is the “anti-christ” while the other half of the people are satanists that want the baby to be born.

Throughout the game, you’re playing through the town but you will randomly go to a “memory” world which is memories and backstory about the main character Blake about events that happened to him in school which are also not very pleasant. In order to represent the two plot lines that you play in the game I chose to make it a sculptural piece so that you could walk around the piece seeing one side that was the town and the other side that was the school. I also printed out a bunch of letters/written pieces that you find in the game while playing through the story to use as a base for the sculpture.

Human Movement Video


For this project, I just wanted to portray human movement by creating a video that incorporated my friends goofing off.

I filmed them doing things such as playing frisbee, crafting, roller skating, and dancing while putting a cheesy music loop in the background to create a fun way to represent human movement with some of my most favorite people.

5×5 Video #2

Here is the second version of my 5×5 video, the goal of this video was to elevate the emotion we were trying to convey more by using various video editing techniques.

In order to convey the feeling of calm/tranquility more, I added some calming and soft music in the background, as well as enhanced some other sound effects like birds chirping and rain falling. I also added some dissolve transitions to made everything more softer and smoother.

5×5 Video #1

For our first video project in Digital Media, we were assigned to take 5 video clips that were each 5 seconds long and paste them together to convey an emotion without outright saying what the emotion is.

The emotion I attempted to convey was calm. I filmed things like water fountains, flowers gently moving in the breeze, and people walking or other relaxed things through windows in order to try to create a sense of tranquility.

Propaganda Poster


The direction I wanted to take with my poster was a “join the rebellion” type deal. I wanted to depict something that was a rebellion, but a rebellion for the greater good. So the first thing I had thought of was the show Steven Universe on Cartoon Network.

The Characters shown here are the Crystal Gems. They are considered the rebels of their Homeworld and choose to stay on Earth to protect it from the rest of the gems on their planet. Their Homeworld wants to take over the Earth but this group of gems see how valuable the Earth is, and want to protect it.


Propaganda Project Proposal

Coming up for an idea for our next Digital Media project was definitely somewhat of a challenge for me. The assignment is to create a propaganda poster, and after a while of thinking, and looking through other posters online, I decided I wanted to do something about joining a rebellion. The next thing that came to mind was the show Steven Universe, and the group of characters called the Crystal Gems. They rebel against their homeworld in order to protect/save the Earth. The goal of my poster will be to tell people to join the Crystal Gems and rebel against the homeworld to protect Earth.