Who Are These People?

I can finally answer that question because I finally made it to my FYE class.

You see, on the Welcome Weekend here at Kent State, I was accidentally sent to the wrong classroom for the first meeting of the FYE classes. Instead of a “College of The Arts” class I was sent to a “College of Arts and Sciences” class, with a completely different professor and group of students.

But thankfully everything ended up working itself out, and I was able to go on through my first week of college and finally end my week with getting to meet all of the awesome art students in my FYE class!

The few that I had the pleasure of sitting with today were Maeve, Anne, Maddy, and Hannah. I didn’t get to talk individually with them about their specific major or anything, all I knew was that we were all art kids. But what was great about it was that we all understood any first week art student struggles/excitement. We all chatted about similar classes we were taking, how college was going so far, and about our blogs, (Anne has the best blog title: Rich Soybean Chorus).

It was overall pretty exciting and fun to finally get with other art students rather than all of the psychology and biology pre-med majors I had been with last week on Welcome Weekend (although they were really cool too).


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