I survived my first week of college!

(And I suppose my second week too.)

It’s seem so surreal that I can actually say that. Those four years of high school finally paid off and we all made it!

I do have to say, although, that my first week went pretty well. A few mishaps here and there, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed made better.

Things such as waking up 45 minutes late one day and nearly getting lost on the first day.

But see it’s a good thing I set my original alarm for an hour and a half before class, so I still had 45 minutes until class to make it happen. (and I did)
And lot of other people were lost getting to the new art building just like me on the first day too.

And on to the great things, the most memorable part about college so far has been the decision to room in a dorm with my very best friend of 5 years. We’re practically soul mates in a best friend/sister way, she gets me like no one else does. Same interests, same sense of humor, and same beliefs about life. Having her here staying with me has just been nothing but hysterical laughing fits and amazing heart-to-heart deep talks about the true teenage life issues. That right there even sounded really deep.
It’s also been really fun getting to meet a lot of other art students and teachers, that’s definitely been a really enjoyable part of college so far too.

Alright now as far as expectations of college. I already knew it was gonna be how high school was, in the sense that it was probably gonna be different than anything I had expected or thought college was gonna be like.
And I was right, because I mean hey everyone has their own unique experiences right?

All I know is that rooming with my best friend has been great and the food has been great, as expected. But other than that, I really didn’t know what to expect until I got here, and now I know. I feel like I’ve unlocked a new level in the video game called “Lauren’s Life.” I might have knocked out some of the energy bar (what even is sleep in college?) but hey, still going strong, for now.

And as far as advice for people coming onto campus for the first time, I’d tell them to laugh as much as they’d like, because it really helps. And I’d also share this little note that my dad left in my art history textbook as a surprise for me:


“How EGGciting to be starting a new day in the life of Kent. And even though some days may start off a bit SCRAMBLED, they all have the potential to be delicious.”

I live by those words now that I’m here, because that’s some of the best advice I could have ever gotten. To keep you head high no matter what because things always have the potential to become better.


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