Foldify Shapes

These are the five foldify shapes I created for my 3D Cmposition class! 

I wasn’t quite sure how much we could branch out with designs and patterns to be honest, so I had just made the shapes all white and one with color. I still think they turned out pretty OK although. And my reasoning behind choosing these shapes is that I thought of them easy enough to make but also unique shapes.

As far as what I learned about creating 3D forms, I learned that it can be a little more complicated than anticipated. It was definitely somewhat of a challenge to create some of the more unique shapes, such as the slanted cylinder shape on the left. But overall it gave me an insight on what really goes into a shape, and how there’s a specific 2D pattern that may not look like the 3D shape you’re trying to make but you get the end results you’re looking for. So that aspect was interesting to see! 


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