Andrea Myers


Andrea Myers was the guest artist speaker who’s lecture I had the pleasure of attending last Friday! I honestly wasn’t planning on attending because I had other things going on that day, but since our whole FYE class was going, there I was.

And I’m actually very glad I was able to attend. I fully realized that day how fun and interesting it was to go to see and hear other artists talk about their artwork and their journey. And that’s probably what my favorite part of the lecture was, hearing Andrea’s journey. Just seeing how her artwork developed over time from her nature inspired tracing designs to her layered fabric sculptures was so interesting to see.

I feel like it’s good to see how an established artist develops themselves and their style over time because it shows you an example of how to perhaps get yourself started on your own journey, and I feel that’s so important for aspiring artists.

Her artwork itself although too was very enjoyable to view. And learning about the processes she used to create her artwork was just as compelling as well.

Overall, I did very much enjoy her lecture and I feel I just really enjoy hearing artists talk about their journey and their process, it inspires me to start thinking about the building blocks for my own journey.


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