3D Sculptures – Final Compositions

Composition #1:


This first piece was meant to represent the Gestalt principles of proximity, repetition, and perhaps you could count closure in this as well.
Proximity shown in the way that they are all grouped together, repetition because of some of the repeated pointed patterns (towards the right side of the composition) and closure because of some of the negative spaces that created a triangle shape. 

My process behind this piece was that I wanted to create something that was geometric because of how geometric the shapes are themselves. And also show how well these triangle pieces could fit together, sort of like building blocks. Hence why it was crucial to me to create all of the triangles the exact same size. 

Composition #2:


This second piece was meant to mainly represent the Gestalt principle of continuity by how this piece flows upward. 

The process/inspiration behind this piece was to create something not as much geometric but more flowing. Instead of thinking how the shapes fit together as building blocks, I tried to see how I could make them all flow together in an interesting way. I had intentionally planned on having just one long structure coming up from the middle but didn’t know if that would hold properly, so I added the two smaller structures in the side and added a base to the middle. 

Overall, I tried to contrast the two by having one composition very structured and geometric and the other more flowing. 


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