What does it mean to be successful?

By pondering this myself and asking a few friends, I aim to answer this question.

For my friend/roommate Heather, an 18 year old photo journalism major, she said the typical stuff like time management and being responsible, but what it was really all about for her was the motivation within you to succeed. “You gotta believe to succeed” are the exact words she said to me. She thinks that in order to be truly successful, in any field, you need to have the willpower to keep yourself going and believe that you will make it to your goals.

And as for my other friend Tyler who is a 21 year old electrical engineer major at Lorain County Community College, he believes that success is achieving goals that set you forth in life. That as long as you’re moving forward and learning from your failures, you’re becoming more and more successful every day.

And for myself, it seemed to be something that both Heather and Tyler mentioned to me along with what else they had said, and that is to be happy. Being happy and enjoying what you do seems to be a common trait that even two friends with different majors believed in.

So overall what I learned from thinking about success myself and the opinions of some friends, is that you need to yes, make sure you’re handling your time well and being responsible and motivating yourself to move forward as well as doing so. But more importantly to make sure you’re happy.


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