Cardboard Mike Wazowski 

For 3D Composition class we had to re-create a found object out of cardboard. 

I had originally wanted to create a skeleton prop my friend had in our dorm toom, but realizing the somewhat difficulty of this project, I had to pick something more simple which is how I ended up with my soft plush Mike Wazowski.

Now even after picking something I thought would be more simple, this project did prove to be quite challenging. 

Especially creating the body, it was hard to get a somewhat round enough shape but after a while I did finally get something. 

I wanted to create something that would sit up on its own, as well as have a round enough shape for the body and also s certain amount of smoothness as well to try to match the original object. Although a little pointed at the top, I still feel that I covered the smoothness and shape enough.

After that, it was time to create the arms and legs, which I was able to make out of flexible cardboard (layers peeled off) rolled up into tubes. 

For the arms I had tried to wrap around some smooth cardboard to make it match the body a little more well, but after thinking about it for a while I realized I should keep some of that texture of the cardboard in the arms and legs. 

After I had secured those into those “tubes” with hot glue, I glued them onto the body. And it ended up looking like this: 

After all of that, I had to finish the rest back in my dorm room. I didn’t really get pictures of the process of adding everything else, but all I did was add the eye, horns, mouth, hands/feet and other details. 

The end product resulted in this: 

Overall I don’t quite know how much I enjoyed the project due to the fact of how tough it was to manipulate the cardboard the way I wanted it at times, but I feel good about this because at least you can pretty much tell it’s Mike Wazowski. 


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