Checking In At FYE

College can be really scary and overwhelming at first, but fear not because last week in FYE we all got to talk about some of these issues and discuss what we were all feeling.

Sounds a bit deep, I know. But it was so relieving knowing that other art students were going through and feelings some of the same things I was.

Especially the things in the “Academic and Creative Challenges” department. Of course yea I had problems of getting less sleep than normal and trying to balance social life and relaxation time with school, but for some reason what was really hitting home was the other stuff.

It was hard going into art classes and not having as much freedom and more limitations with our projects, having to go out of creative comfort zones, and sometimes not having the most exciting content in the course. It kinda felt for a while that I couldn’t really make art all that well because I was getting the hang of things, but not grasping it enough to make it as good of art as I thought it should be. And it still sort of feels like that now, but as time went on I was getting more and more successful projects and here and there, there could still be some flubs but I’ve learned to just do the best I could and keep going. And that’s proving to do pretty well!

So even though sometimes I don’t really like what’s happening in a class and college can get really tough, I just keep remembering that this is my passion and it’s all more than worth it.


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