Kent Common Core

So it’s something we’ve all thought about, “why do we even need this class for our major?” Because learning about equations and writing and even psychology is a thing when all anyone felt like doing was getting on with classes in our major.

But as the two FYE classes were put into a big group circle to have bonding time, we all discussed why these classes and the Kent core are so important.

Because it can help you with things like getting inspiration for your artwork in general. Like the other FYE instructor Meaghan Reed was talking about, how a lot of her artwork is inspired by cells and scientific things. So it’s good to have that broadened sense of what’s out there because you never know what could come up to inspire you.

It can also be good to help introduce you to new techniques or experiences to help you find a passion you may not have known you had. Such as the guest instructor from jewelry and metals, Demi Thomloudis. She had explained to us that if she had never taken some metal working classes in school that were a branch out from her original idea of what she wanted to do, she would have never discovered her love for working with that material.

And of course, math. Math was something definitely a lot of people were questioning on why we had to take it (because on that day in FYE I had realized how many other art kids share a common disinterest in math.) But anyways, we all discussed and realized that you not only needed math in art for things such as what quantities to order supplies and measurements of projects, but also in just daily adult life with things like taxes, monthly budgeting, etc.

So in the end, right now as much as some of these classes might not be all that enjoyable, they can really help you in the long run.


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