2D Comp Wall Instillation Changes 

I chose this area to change because I thought it felt a little jumbled and kind of wanted to sort that out. I also thought it could use a little more depth so that’s what I aimed to change. 

So this here is what I changed first, although this picture kind of shows two steps in one. What I did first was sort of emphasize that diamond shape more and try to make it look more like somewhat shapes rather than just all jumbled up. And then after that I added some more thin string lines to create that sense of depth in the back ground, having those thicker strings pop out more. 

The last step I did then was add more thicker string to the shape I had sort of created to make that pop out more to add the depth. What I hope is that since I made that one shape thicker, it unifies it more with the thicker circle up in the right hand corner. 


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