2D Instillation Critique

Collaborating on a wall instillation that consisted of only strings and push pins was definitely the interesting task. 

What we ended up with was a whole wall filled with abstract shapes of all different shapes, sizes, and thickness. 

We had to use many of the things we learned in class but also emphasize creating a foreground  and background. Things such as layering the strings around to shapes go have them appear thicker to putting some thin strings up there to create objects that appear closer and farther away.

There were many giant and smaller shapes to try to help unify the piece as well as shapes becoming extended off of the wall and tied onto something else such as another shape or a fence/railing nearby. 

Overall the prices does have some very good areas where the shapes are fascinating and come together well but as a whole piece it still somewhat seems that it did not all form together. 

There would be areas especially on the right side where areas alone by themselves would seem to fit together and unify well but as far as those individual areas unifying together it didn’t seem as much of a whole. But overall it was an interesting pieces to view and I feel was pleasing to see in the art building. 

And as far as working together as a group, I thought it was very interesting to see what we would all do together a considering how many of us there were. It was definitely elaborate and it helped to be able to take things down a re-edit to try to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. I thought that even though some parts didn’t unify all together as well the end product still came out looking very interesting and cool.


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