3D Cardboard Instillation

In my 3D Composition class we were put into groups and assigned to think up a cardboard instillation based off a metaphor we created.

My group had made a cardboard Mike Wazowski (me), Axe spray can (Josh), camera (Kayla), and crate (Philip) as our initial cardboard objects and we made up the metaphor “Island Of My Own” and went with a bedroom theme.

We thought the bedroom theme would work well with our objects and also that bedrooms can be your own personal oasis hence our “Island Of My Own” metaphor.

My object was the cardboard Mike Wazowski, and how we fit him into the instillation was since the character is from a movie that is about scaring children as night in their bedrooms, we had him sitting on our cardboard bed that I had made and with a little island drink to have him fit in with our island theme.

And speaking of the bed, that and the top half of the palm tree was what I had created for our instillation.

The bed was somewhat of a challenge because we had wanted it somewhat big, and making that all fit together (and stay together) was a bit of a challenge but eventually came together.




I had started out with just two big cardboard panels and four side panels that I used to make the base mattress part of the bed. And after that I added the legs at the bottoms to make it stand, and then layered on cardboard for the blankets and Kayla made the pillow (which isn’t in there pictures though.) 

As far as working in a group, we hit a few bumps due to some not being able to show up to class. But overall I felt we all came together to make a great instillation and I’m proud of how we were all able to make it work despite those few bumps. 

And here is our finished instillation as well as our video of installing:



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