Emotion Definitions 

– Playful

Orientation: horizontal

Balance: Radial balance because of how it gives off a more different and round type of pattern which goes along with the lighthearted vibe of playfulness.

Contrast: High contrast to show the liveliness of being playful. 

Movement: Most likely more towards faster movement because of the liveliness the word playful gives off.

Scale: More towards the bigger side because of how lively and joyful playfulness is. 

– Victorious: 

Orientation: Vertical because it can show success by having something move in a vertical direction toward the top because the top can show more power over the lower area.

Balance: Symmetrical because 

Contrast: High to show excitement of winning.

Movement: Slower because you’re in the moment of winning and everything is slow.

Scale: Big because winning can fill you up with a big proud happy feeling.

– Hyper:

Orientation: Vertical 

Balance: Radial to show movement happening all around. 

Contrast: High to show the high energy that is being hyper.

Movement: Fast to show high energy. 

Scale: Big and small together to create a sort of frenzied and hyper vibe. 

– Passionate: 

Orientation: Horizontal 

Balance: Radial to show a round soft sense that passion gives off. 

Contrast: high contrast because passion is something that shows strong emotion and high intensity.

Movement: Slow and flowing nicely. 

Scale: Big and round because passion is full of emotion. 


Orientation: Horizontal to show peace and a laying down position 

Balance: Radial to show a soft round edge that can be felt with the peace you get with restfulness. 

Contrast: Low contrast because restfulness can be calm. 

Movement: Slow to have a tranquil feel to it. 

Scale: It could be either big or small. 


Orientation: Horizontal because that seems more weaker than being upright and vertical.

Balance: Asymmetrical to show weak unbalance. 

Contrast: Low contrast to show weakness. 

Movement: Slow because it does not have much power. 

Scale: Small to give off weak vibes. 


Orientation: Horizontal to show the pieces laying down and all broken up. 

Balance: Asymmetrical to show the scattered, broken pieces. 

Contrast: Low contrast to show weakness of being broken up. 

Movement: Things falling apart, fast or slow could work. 

Scale: Small little pieces.  


Orientation: Vertical/horizontal to show changing.

Balance: Something that can show a quick change in the shapes or movement.

Contrast: High contrast to show the frenzied vibe of changing quickly. 

Movement: Changing the motion rapidly, quickly. 

Scale: Could be many different sizes and could change a lot. 


Orientation: Vertical 

Balance: Asymmetrical to show confusion.

Contrast: High because of the intensity that sometimes comes with confusion. 

Movement: Slow and fast to show varied somewhat confused movements. 

Scale: Varying sizes. 


Orientation: Vertical. 

Balance: Asymmetrical to show tenseness of non-organization.

Contrast: High contrast to give a tense vibe. 

Movement: Fast and rapid. 

Scale: Big and small to show pounding motions. 


Orientation: Vertical to show the strong bond that trusting is. 

Balance: Symmetrical to show balance and trust. 

Contrast: High contrast to show the strong intense bond of trusting. 

Movement: Slow or fast and maybe slow to fast to show the gaining of trust. 

Scale: Big and powerful yet soothing. 


Orientation: Vertical to show high and strong power. 

Balance: Symmetrical balance to show power and unified strength. 

Contrast: High contrast to show high power. 

Movement: Fast and powerful.

Scale: Bug to show strength. 


Orientation: Horizontal to show a laying down vibe of being weak and fatigued. 

Balance: Asymmetrical to show some weakness of not being able to pull it all together. 

Contrast: Low contrast to show weakness. 

Movement: Slow and weak. 

Scale: Big and droopy. 

– Exuberant: 

Orientation: Vertical because it would convey tall liveliness. 

Balance: Radial to show a lot of vibrancy and openness. 

Contrast: High contrast to show the high energy of exuberance. 

Movement: Fast and with energy. 

Scale: Big and full of energy. 


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