During one of our FYE classes, we played a card game called “Five Tricks.”

None of us really knowing what this game exactly was, we sat with anticipation as the instructions were handed to each table.

We were told to study our instructions carefully and then play a round or two to get acquainted with the game rules. Once our table had played a round or two while talking through the rules, we were instructed to play a round with no talking at all. Once there was a winner of that round, the winners had to move to the next table to play with another group. All while every round we played had to be in silence.

This would sound like a somewhat smooth ride because we all knew the rules right? But in reality, all of our perceptions of the rules were different.

Each table at the very beginning was given a set of rules that were all slightly different than all of the other tables.

So when the winner of each round moved to another table, they were all playing slightly different rules than they had learned before and no one was allowed to say a word.

Some of the winners used the strategy of just passively tossing cards into the center and letting the people originally at the table play by the rules they were given, while some tried to correct the players to the right way that they had learned by throwing out some intense eye gestures.

Overall, this was meant to kind of open our eyes to the fact that in real life there are gonna be times when we don’t understand something as much and we could either be passive about these things and let them go or be assertive  with our actions. In a way although, it really depends on the situation and how you feel on how you should react, but sometimes being more assertive can help you more throughout life.


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