Now entering our stop motion project in 3D Composition, we were shown a stop motion video titled “MÖBIUS” to demonstrate the flowing of a shape using stop motion.

By carefully cutting the forms into different proportions and moving them ever so slightly each shot they took, they were able to use the stop motion technique to create a sense of these bright green forms flowing in and out of the ground. And it was crucial that they had all of the proportions and movements between shots correct so that they could get a very smooth movement in their video.

The video definitely had a mesmerizing effect to it, and drew you in by putting it in a city setting because of how the time lapse would show all of the people moving around the sculpture pulsing in and out of the ground. Also by changing the lighting it created and interesting appeal to see how the sculpture would look in different darks or brights. Also at the end of the video when they shot a scene of the form flowing on a stage in a theater it gave you a great time to just look at the flowing of the form and observe the craftsmanship that went into creating this video.

And as far as the music, it helped with creating that soft feel of this green organic form coming in and out of the ground.

This video without a doubt did give me some inspiration for my own videos in the sense of how to create a very flowing and smooth video with my shapes. It also helped to show me how forms can be used creatively in stop motion videos. Also too by watching the behind the scenes video of how they made Mobius, it helped show me how to perhaps manipulate my shapes in order to get the effect that I want.


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