Student Success Series

The Student Success Series I attended was called “Confessions Of A Golden Flash.”

What happened there was that they had three older college students sit in front of our crowd and answer some questions about college and life here as well as they could share and stories they had of their experience.

Things that they had to answer were things such as “How was it like being away from your family at college?” and “What was a challenge you had to overcome?”

What seemed to be somewhat of a common theme was kind of how they all had a bit of a rough time at first adjusting to college life and making friends and getting themselves involved.

And I had felt some of those struggles as well. Sure my best friend of life is my roommate, and I was doing fairly well being on my own, but it was still hard as more and more people around me in my classes were getting to know each other better and I just kind of sat there for a while. And even though I was managing to be on my own pretty well, I still felt scared out of my mind on the inside.

But the thing that those three college students told us was that they all found their friend group and adjusted after a while. Each sharing their own stories of overcoming the struggles or fears that they had.

And now that I look back on it, I feel myself overcoming those struggles as well. The more and more time I spend with the other art kids in my classes the closer I’m getting to them and the more I feel I was meant to be in this community. And the “Confessions Of A Golden Flash” session definitely gave me the courage to keep moving along until I found my place too, and I did.


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