What Inspires Me 


I could go on and on about things that inspire me, but I know that probably the biggest thing that inspires me and my artwork greatly all the time is horror. 

Horror movies, haunted houses, spooky things, all of it. 

Ever since I was able to watch my first scary movie (Return Of The Living Dead) when I was about 11-12 years old I knew there was just something so special about it all. 

Something about splattered body parts and ghostly demons has always been something that intrigued me and I love the adrenaline rush you get from watching a horror flick. I love diving into the creepy twisted storylines and creepy characters that only the genre of horror can provide, and I think that creating all those terrifying props and all that ghastly special effects makeup for those movies and haunted houses is the most amazing art form I’ve ever seen. 

And as time went on since my first scary movie and art became a bigger part of life, I realized that my main driving force behind creating my artwork was the genre of horror. 

Creating portraits of zombies, famous horror icons, and even members of horror rock bands had become what I loved to do. 

And the more I thought about how much I loved horror and art and creepy props and costumes and makeup, the more I realized what I wanted to do with my life is become one of those special effects makeup artists. 

Not only did horror help me find my calling in life by combining it with my art, it also inspires me every day to just wake up and keeping going. To love something with as much passion as I have for horror gives me the most life. 


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