At the Infinitum art exhibit at the Fashion Museum that we visited last Friday, we were told to pick an artist that we found interesting and resonated well with us.

And considering the fact that I went to that museum for the third time on that FYE day because of going with my 3D and 2D Composition classes, I had some time to reflect on the exhibits I thought were interesting.

But one did seem to stick out every time I went, and that was “Red Bridge” by Peter C. Johnson.

I absolutely loved the dripping effect of the red “liquid” on top of the bridge. The way that he used solid materials to create a liquified form is something I always found to be interesting. 

And just by looking at some of the other artwork he had done on his gallery page, it was very interesting to see how he had created a softer look to these solid sculptures. 

Something like that is what really inspires me for my future special effects makeup artist career.

Sculpting smooth features to faces or body parts is something that not only is fun for me but also something needed for the field that I’m going into. 

And another thing that really inspired me about the piece I saw in the exhibit is again that dripping effect it had. 

Part of me wanting to become a special effects makeup artist was also because of that fact of how much I loved horror and scary things. I wanted to go create spooky creatures and body parts. 

So that dripping part of the sculpture really had an effect on me because I I love the dripping effects of fake blood or fake drool or other grotesque things. And although the piece I saw in the gallery wasn’t meant to come across as gross or too horrifying, it still inspired me and made me think about how much I love sculpting things. 

It made me wanna go create my own clay sculptural creation and try to get a dripping effect. 

Or maybe  go on to create the bridge monster of doom with red drool.

Who really knows, but I do know that I enjoyed his work very much. 


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