Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is a term that can describe the type of art that is created today, just as other art styles were described in other eras.
It is art created by artists today that live in the culturally diverse and advancing society of this time. It is broad, and can be very assorted as in what types of mediums and art styles used. It’s something that I feel could be described as something very unique to this time.

The theme that inspired me for my final 2D project was horror and gore, and these three artists and their work inspired me to push on further with this theme.

The first artist is Junji Ito. A Japanese Horror Manga Artist, Junji Ito creates horrifying depictions of surreal horror situations through a comic type setting. I have read so much of his work and enjoyed it thoroughly and I really loved how he could convey gross fore but through only using black and white and certain types of pen strokes.


The second artist that inspired me was Patricia Piccinini. I enjoyed her work and thought it was very interesting how she manipulated and warped normal human things into something otherworldly. Her way of making things highly disturbing by manipulating such simple things was something I found very interesting and inspiring, because of the disturbing factor. 00006e6e_mediumPatricia-Piccinini-hyper_realists_sculptures_7patricia-piccinini-the-student

The final artist I chose that inspired me was Mark Powell. Specifically his projects called “Dream Dioramas” that were nothing close to dreamy. They are very gross and filled with gore which is something I really wanted my project to be based around.




3D Final Project

For out 3D Final, our task was to look for various locations (one on campus and one “fantasy” location) and then create site specific sculptures that we could see being placed in those sites.

What: The material I used to make this sculpture was dark blue card stock that I cut into thin strips. Once I did that I covered them in mod podge and then twisted them to give them a curly type of feel. By using the mod podge it helped to strengthen the strips so it was easier to bed and twist them and tie them together.

Why this material: I chose this because for my concept I had really wanted to create something that was sort of like an “invasive” type thing. Or perhaps a virus or other specimen trying to infect the area. Like the sculpture was coming across the structure and creeping all around it trying to find all the little cracks and hidden spots before fully unleashing itself. So I figured that by using thin strips of material I was able to twist it and intertwine it the way that I had wanted for the concept of this thing “infecting” the area.

Where: I decided to base my sculptures off of hallway type structures so I chose an upper, long hallway the in the CVA building and a hallway from the Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield, OH.

Why these locations: One reason for choosing these was definitely because they were both similar hallways, both seeming to have the same sort of structure that would work really well for my sculpture to creep up and around. And that was another reason for choosing a hallway specifically as well, because I felt that it was a good spot to have my sculpture “infect”. By just starting out in a seemingly peaceful place inside of an art building or inside of an abandoned and run down prison it seems that this sculpture is just starting out with its journey to eventually take over the whole structures and spread itself. And that was kind of the whole vibe I was going for with this project.

And as far as what materials I would use if this were to be made in real life, it would be cool to see it be made out thin sheets of metal that could be bended and twisted around.
But Overall, I felt this project turned out pretty well I was happy with it.


FYE Campus Scavenger Hunt

Today in FYE we were put into groups and assigned the tasks of finding different spots around on campus and takes pictures of ourselves there.


Ceramics Studio in the CVA Building.


Schwartz Center


Health Center (by the street sign with the building in the background in the right corner.)


Rec Center (in the background)


University Library.