Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is a term that can describe the type of art that is created today, just as other art styles were described in other eras.
It is art created by artists today that live in the culturally diverse and advancing society of this time. It is broad, and can be very assorted as in what types of mediums and art styles used. It’s something that I feel could be described as something very unique to this time.

The theme that inspired me for my final 2D project was horror and gore, and these three artists and their work inspired me to push on further with this theme.

The first artist is Junji Ito. A Japanese Horror Manga Artist, Junji Ito creates horrifying depictions of surreal horror situations through a comic type setting. I have read so much of his work and enjoyed it thoroughly and I really loved how he could convey gross fore but through only using black and white and certain types of pen strokes.


The second artist that inspired me was Patricia Piccinini. I enjoyed her work and thought it was very interesting how she manipulated and warped normal human things into something otherworldly. Her way of making things highly disturbing by manipulating such simple things was something I found very interesting and inspiring, because of the disturbing factor. 00006e6e_mediumPatricia-Piccinini-hyper_realists_sculptures_7patricia-piccinini-the-student

The final artist I chose that inspired me was Mark Powell. Specifically his projects called “Dream Dioramas” that were nothing close to dreamy. They are very gross and filled with gore which is something I really wanted my project to be based around.




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