Digital Artist – Jordan Wolfson

Jordan Wolfson is an artist that has made pieces using many different types of media such as video, photography, sculpture, performance, and installation. He draws a lot of inspiration from advertising, technology, and the internet to create interesting narratives. He tries to stray away from solely just appropriating found materials by inventing his own content, that most times involves unique characters he’s created.

Some of his more recent work, although, is what truly prompted me to write about him. Specifically  the pieces Female Figure (2014) and Colored Sculpture (2016). Both take digital animation to create inventive animatronic pieces. He combines physical sculpture and digital technology to create interesting animatronics that aren’t always seen in art galleries.
The piece, Female Figure, is a life-size animatronic sculpture of woman wearing a witch mask that dances, talks, and looks at/follows the audience with her eyes while the piece Colored Sculpture is more of a puppet or marionette being dragged around by large chains while it’s animated eyes look around at the audience.
Although these pieces might look different, they still share a lot of similarities. Things such as gloomy voiceover that suggests traumatic narratives, fragments of pop songs, and an effect of nastiness which all gives off a sense of emotion such as uneasiness as well as malfunctioning entertainment.

Female Figure, 2014

Colored Sculpture, 2016



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