Self Portrait Proposal

For our next project in Digital Media, we are going to be creating a self portrait collage in photoshop. A self portrait to me is a way to be able to visually show yourself, whether that be just the outside or the inner parts of yourself. For this assignment, it’s all about being able to use photoshop and other visual skills to create a piece that represents the individual inside and out.

When I think about myself, I think about my love for the horror genre. It’s been one of my biggest interests ever since I was old enough to finally watch horror movies with my dad. I wan to be able to give the viewer of this piece  In my self portrait, I want to be able to put myself into a surreal landscape containing tombstones, skeletons, blood drips, etc., anything to do with the horror genre. This will represent my own little horror “world” that I have created to be in.


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