Identity Project

When thinking about my identity, one thing that came to mind was a place that I strongly  identified with, which is Salem, MA. Since I have cousins that live in Massachusetts, I often get to go and visit them and then go to Salem.
When going to Salem it feels like October all the time, even in the summer, so I’m already drawn to it. But another part that I’ve always loved about Salem is all of the things dealing with the witch trials and even historical/modern day witchcraft and Wicca.

All around downtown Salem are shops and museums dedicated to educating and having people see the spiritual experience that goes a long with witchcraft and the Wiccan religion. The more I visited the more identified with the spiritual vibes of Salem, almost as if they’re flowing throughout the whole area. That might sound kind of crazy, but it’s almost like there’s a spiritual energy that draws me to this place, and that’s why I chose it for this project.



Our first assignment using Illustrator in our Digital Media class was to create a postcard that could be altered in some way, and then sent back to us.

Naturally, since I enjoy horror I decided to give my postcard a zombie theme. I knew I wanted to do something that involved drawing on the front of the card, so I got the idea of having people draw a zombie self portrait of themselves next to Zombie Mailman Steve.

I’m excited to see what I get back and to see what sort of zombie creatures people come up with to be friends with Zombie Steve on the front of this card. People can get creative and spooky at the same time, which is something I enjoy doing with my art.

Self Portrait


Overall, this end result did stick to the original theme which was a spooky landscape, but it did turn out a little differently than I had it planned out in my head. I think this had to do with finding images large enough to fit the canvas. That was definitely one of the hardest parts of this project was finding enough images that were large enough to put together to make this landscape.

Self Portrait Proposal

For our next project in Digital Media, we are going to be creating a self portrait collage in photoshop. A self portrait to me is a way to be able to visually show yourself, whether that be just the outside or the inner parts of yourself. For this assignment, it’s all about being able to use photoshop and other visual skills to create a piece that represents the individual inside and out.

When I think about myself, I think about my love for the horror genre. It’s been one of my biggest interests ever since I was old enough to finally watch horror movies with my dad. I wan to be able to give the viewer of this piece ┬áIn my self portrait, I want to be able to put myself into a surreal landscape containing tombstones, skeletons, blood drips, etc., anything to do with the horror genre. This will represent my own little horror “world” that I have created to be in.

Surreal Landscape Project



For our first Digital Media project, the assignment was to use photo shop techniques to create a surreal landscape.

When looking for objects or items to insert into the photo, I found a lot of pictures of creepy creatures. There’s a mixture of pictures of props, people in costumes, and animatronics that I has found all put into this hallway (and outside too). They were all found from various amusement parks (alien and troll), haunted houses (dragon), and some were even here in the art building (skeleton and coffin on the ground which was my sculpture project).

Although I did use more of a hallway than a landscape, I thought it would look interesting because the whole concept behind this became monster or mythical creature “students” enrolling at Kent State. What if one day these whimsical creatures were walking amongst us at school? That’s what I thought to myself as I was making this which was super fun.

As far as the process creating this, I was somewhat surprised with how this had some challenges, but wasn’t too terribly difficult. The only time it became difficult was when I was trying to figure out what layers needed to be where in order to create the illusion that some of the creatures were outside.

Overall, it was enjoyable to watch the creatures “inhabit” the school as I worked on this.

Here is the “before” picture, it was taken in the jewelry/metals hallway in the art building: